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One-stop medical marketing solution provider for their clients within the pharmaceutical industry.

The JeSTARx Group provides solutions all the way from strategic planning, through advisory boards, market research, retrospective and prospective data analysis, and on to presentations, manuscripts, and posters. We combine science and technology with an understanding of healthcare practitioners to bring you useable data in a timely and cost efficient manner, ultimately enabling you to deliver your message to the greatest number of healthcare professionals and managed care administrators who need to hear it most.

Upcoming Meetings

Members of the JeSTARx Group will be attending the following meetings:
  • Sept 26-28, 2006 NASP 2016 Annual Meeting and Expo Washington, DC
  • October 3-6, 2016 AMCP Nexus National Harbor, MD
  • October 29-November 2, 2016 ISPOR 19th Annual European Congress  Austria Center Vienna, Vienna, Austria
  • March 27-30, 2017 AMCP Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy Annual Meeting, Denver, CO
  • April 30-May 3, 2017  Asembia 2017 Specialty Pharmacy Summit (Formerly the Armada Specialty Pharmacy Summit) Las Vegas, NV
  • May 20-24, 2017 ISPOR 22nd Annual International Meeting,   Boston, MA, USA
  • October 16-19, 2017, AMCP Nexus 2017,  Dallas, TX


The JeSTARx Group has accomplished many milestones over the last few years including:
  • 2016 Attended the Armada/Asembia Meeting
  • 2016 Attended and presented a poster at the AMCP Annual Meeting in San Francisco--our poster was mentioned prominently in the AMCP meeting highlights
  • 2015 Published our 26th manuscript, developed and launch new website and logo.
  • 2011 Helped re-brand the NMCRT as the National Payor Roundtable (NPRT). (tpg-nprt.com)
  • 2009 Jim Smeeding chairs several ISPOR committees and leads development and publication of six Good Research Practices documents (2010). (http://www.ispor.org/research_initiatives/hs_initiatives.asp)
  • 2005 Helped form the National Managed Care Roundtable (NMCRT).
  • 2004 The first Medicaid Summit Meeting (rebranded as the Government Supported Benefits Meeting in 2006).
  • 2002 provides MSL (Medical Science Liaison) Services to clients.
  • 2001 Begins the introduction of various integrated databases and research publications.
  • 2001 Rich Brook joins the JeSTARx Group.
  • 1998 The JeSTARx Group launches touchscreen market research programs.
  • 1997 Jim Smeeding, elected ISPOR President, helps launch Value in Health and the first lexicon.
  • 1996 First JeSTARx Group Advisory Boards and Managing investigator originated studies.
  • 1995 Jim Smeeding founds and forms the JeSTARx Group.
  • 1993 Jim Smeeding and Rich Brook meet as APOR is formed (APOR became ISPOR in 1995).


The JeSTARx Group Strengths

  1. A thorough understanding of US healthcare market, from payers to providers and consumers.
  2. Corporate experience includes pharmaceuticals, PBMs, pharmaceutical technology, consulting and communications
  3. Expertise in data modeling, data analysis and communications and US prospective payment systems
  4. Track record of published manuscripts
  5. Dynamic marketing & creative services
  6. Technology solutions
  7. Reviewers for several journals
  8. Publications & presentations
  9. Scientific knowledge

Our Principals

  • Jim Smeeding, RPh, MBA

    President and Managing Director

    Mr. Smeeding has more than 25 years of experience in clinical and administrative roles coupled with an M.B.A.…

  • Rich Brook, MS, MBA

    Head of Retrospective Studies and VP, Business Development

    Mr. Brook has over 25 years in health care industry management and consulting. He has managed medical and…

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