Smeeding 5:2013
Jim Smeeding, RPh, MBA - President and Managing Director
Mr. Smeeding has more than 35 years of experience in clinical and administrative roles coupled with an M.B.A. in pharmaceutical marketing. He is active on national and state levels in many pharmaceutical organizations and is an expert on the formulary approval process within managed care systems. He is a founder of the Center for Pharmacoeconomic Studies at the University of Texas in Austin. Mr. Smeeding has consulted in pharmacoeconomics and innovative marketing programs with a large number of leading pharmaceutical companies.
Rich presenting Poster
Rich Brook, MS, MBA - Head of Retrospective Studies and Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Brook has over 30 years in health care industry management and consulting. He has managed medical and health economic educational programs, convention activities, and promotional product support as both an employee and a consultant. He has developed, designed, and implemented programs that capture and market structured data from medical enterprises and clinical researchers. He managed the daily operation of a pharmacy benefit manager’s formulary programs and was instrumental in the development and implementation of over 20 custom formularies. Mr. Brook has worked with state and federal agencies in refining the diagnosis-related-group system, in developing the resource-utilization-group system—part of the U.S. Federal Long-Term-Care Minimum Data Set, and in developing a mental health classification and reimbursement system. He reviews for several journals including the American Journal of Managed Care and Current Medical Research and Opinion. He has a variety of therapeutic experience with marketed and developmental products and holds several degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, including an M.S. in operations research and statistics, an M.B.A. in health systems finance, and a B.S. in management information systems.